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Valentine's Treats

We offer all kinds of sweet goodies. We bake our cupcakes onsite and make our own frosting. For our Chocolate Covered delights, we use Belgian Chocolate, the finest chocolate in the world. Our treats are hand-dipped in White, Milk, and Dark Chocolate. We have festive Valentine wrapping and ribbon so you will really WOW your recipients!  

Chocolate Covered  Strawberries or Oreos:
      $7/2 pk
    $14/4 pk

Vanilla Cupcakes with Vanilla Frosting:
    $3.95 ea/$15.00 for 4 pack

Raspberry Bars:
    $7.95/2 pk
   $15.00/4 pk

Chocolate Chip Cookies:
   $6/4 pk
  $13.50/10 pk

   $8/4 pk


IMG_1976 (1).jpg

Please call or email us to place your order. 

Phone: 617-322-1811

You can also walk in but we recommend ordering what you would like to ensure you will receive it! 



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